The Heart Craves Pure
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If you are, or if you're ready to be a heartfelt inspiration to one girl or make a difference for women around the world, welcome to the She Key Society.

The 21st Century has created an entire new brand of females. This generation is empowered like never before. Opportunities for all women of this generation are endless and abundant. Yet, there are areas of great depravity concerning self-respect and mutual respect within our own gender.

As a mother of 4 children (the first 3 being girls) one of my primary areas of concern is the "new normal” of how females are treating each other. Some social and viral media are aggressive in their approach to glorify the behaviors of degradation and bullying. They glamorize unkindness with celebrity or puppet celebrities in hopes of making the behavior seem acceptable. Essentially brainwashing our youth into thinking that being cruel and crass is comical and superior.

ALL FEMALES were created for greatness. By divine blessing we were chosen and given the highest power on the planet. The ability to create, carry and cultivate life. Need I say more??

Use your gifts and powers wisely. The beauty and well-being of the world is counting on you! :-))

Being a member of the She Key Society has no cost or commitment of time. It is a society that only makes deposits into the well being of your life. Light hearted alliterations and comical quips that are easy to reference and sure to bring a smile to your face. She Key is meant to inspire us, and remind us of who we are, and how important we are to each other.

If you're ready to be a kind and heartfelt inspiration to one girl or make change for women all around the world, welcome to the SHE KEY SOCIETY. Your efforts are needed and appreciated!!

Prepare to be delighted and to delight those you inspire as a SHE KEY SOCIETY MEMBER!

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